This section is dedicated to the products and services that offer you the opportunity to donate sums of money to the association AMIP Onlus. This gesture is important and essential to allow us to continue in our battle in favor of all patients with pulmonary hypertension: every contribution is a precious help!

The AMIP Association is financed by the annual membership dues and by the tax-deductible donations of members and other supporters. Since 2007 for sick members The annual membership dues are free and any money offered to them is considered a donation.

It is possible to allocate the 5×1000 of income taxes paid to the state, to the association AMIP Onlus for patients with pulmonary hypertension. With this gesture it will be possible to make a strong contribution and support both to the fundamental research and to all those who are committed daily in the fight to this rare disease.

Helping us is very simple:
Just bring back the tax code 97188810580 of the association AMIP Onlus within the box "support of non-profit organizations of social utility, associations of social promotion and recognized associations that operate in Areas referred to in art. 10 c. 1 lit. a) of D. Lgs. 460/97 "On the income form for the tax return and remember to sign. The annual budget is public and consultable.

A sincere thanks to all those who decide to make their contribution also economic to the cause of the association AMIP.