This section is dedicated to the products and services that offer you the opportunity to donate sums of money to the association AMIP Onlus. This gesture is important and essential to allow us to continue in our battle in favor of all patients with pulmonary hypertension: every contribution is a precious help!

Helping the AMIP is very simple:

  • You can make a deposit via bulletin on the postal account: 74597048 A.M.I.P. O.N.L.U.S.  Via Ardea, 1/B-00183 Rome
  •  You can make a wire transfer to your bank account NR. 100000122942, headed to ABS. Patients with pulmonary hypertension, IBAN: IT10V0335901600100000122942, BIC: BCITITMX, next bank-branch of Milan 20121-PIAZZA PAOLO FERRARI 10-Milan
  • Remembering, at the time of your tax return (through a single model or model 730), to report the tax code 97188810580 of the association AMIP Onlus within the box «support of non-profit organizations of social utility, Associations of social promotion and recognized associations that operate in the areas referred to in art. 10 c. 1 lit. a) of D. Lgs. 460/97» To allocate 5 per thousand of income ad AMIP Onlus