Rete del Dono is a crowdfunding platform for the collection of online donations in favor of social utility projects designed and managed by non-profit organizations (ONP). The protagonists of the gift network are the ONP, their supporters and the donors.

The Association AMIP is part of the ONP registered in the portal to promote their projects. The Gift network is responsible for donating the donations received through the portal to the ONP beneficiaries, taking into account the preferences expressed by donors and supporters (Personal fundraiser).

Supporters can support the campaigns of crowdfunding with personal fundraising initiatives.

Donors can:

  • Make donations online in favour of the ONP present on the portal-using credit card or PayPal account;
  • Participate in a fundraising initiative organized by a supporter-Personal fundraiser-making a donation in his favour;
  • Invite relatives and friends to do the same, thus feeding the virtuous circuit of solidarity.

The crowdfunding for non-profit and for the Onlus is a form of fundraising that allows more people to share resources and efforts to finance a social utility project, according to a principle of collaboration that starts from the bottom.

To learn more, visit the platform by clicking on the Gift Network logo.