The AMIP, association of patients with pulmonary hypertension, is a ONLUS (non-profit organization of social utility) regularly registered and operating on the entire national territory.
The registered office is in Via Ardea 1/B – 00183 Rome
Tax code: 97188810580

Officially founded on May 12, 2000 by Maria Pia Pastore, who is ill herself, the association has the main purpose of being at the service of the patients, who often find themselves fighting an evil stronger than them.

Actual Members: (June 2015) 707 of which more than half sick of IP
Operational Office:
Via Ardea 1/B – 00183 Rome
Tel + 39 06 33250970
Cell. 338 2806430 Active 24/24 H.
E-mail: or

Financial receipts: The association is financed by annual membership dues and by tax-deductible donations of members and other supporters. Since 2007 for sick members The annual membership dues are free and any money offered to them is considered a donation.
The association can be assigned the 5 × 1000 of income by all taxpayers who want it, by affixing its signature and the indication of the tax code 97188810580 in the appropriate space at the time of delivery of the MoD. 730 of the MoD. Unique or CUD.
The annual budget is public and consultable.

Bank Account:
Current Account 100000122942
payable to: ABS Sick of Pol hypertension
IBAN: IT10V0335901600100000122942
Branch-branch of Milan
20121 – PIAZZA PAOLO FERRARI 10 – Milan

Postal account: 74597048 A.M.I.P. O.N.L.U.S.  Via Ardea 1/B – 00183 Rome

Main services offered to the sick:

  • Web site Here you can find information about the disease, the therapies currently available and the contact details of the major centers specialising in Italy.
  • Informative material we spread leaflets and other informative material with news about the disease and the Association. We distribute a free manual explaining how to know and live with the IP as well as a DVD containing interviews to some patients who explain how they manage to live with the disease.
  • Bi-annual news report on the activities of the association, updates on scientific research and testimonials from members
  • Telephone line always available for information or requests help 3382806430.
  • FACEBOOK Group on the page Association sick Pulmonary Hypertension and then click on our logo.
  • Annual meeting of the sick.
  • Organization of conferences and refresher courses for which we take advantage of the generous collaboration of the most experienced experts on the disease. These courses are aimed at increasing the culture on the disease of doctors and specialists and thereby facilitate accurate and timely diagnoses.
  • Constant collaborations with the Higher Institute of Health and the Ministry of Health. The IP is on the list of 109 rare diseases that have been included in the LEA. We cooperate with the same institutions for the establishment of a National register of Rare diseases patients. We take part in a large number of initiatives including the "Narrative Medicine" project.
  • Participation in the Association of patients of European IP PHA EUROPE, of which we are founding members and to the American PHA, with which we have signed a Memorandum of understanding. Our association is in daily contact with every other IP association of the World and is an active part in the initiatives that are organized by the way.
  • Relations with the media we strive to have as much visibility as possible on all media. Over time we have obtained numerous television and radio interviews as well as articles in the newspapers. An informative spot that we have elaborated has been conveyed with excellent results. We are convinced that informing very often means saving!

Our slogan is together you can, because the voice of so many sick together can get to be felt very far.